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Seattle's legendary home of live country entertainment



Tequila Rose Band

Rain Posse

Wes Jones Band

Jenny and the Tomcats

The Rainieros

Buckaroo Blues Band

The Davanos

10 Foot Tall & 80 Proof

The Souvenirs

Andrea Peterman

Countryside Ride

Angels of Sin

Joe Slick Band

Mo' Trouble

The Rolling Blackouts

Jerry and the PhilBillys

The Bouchards

Knut Bell & the Blue Collars

8 Second Ride

Wild Turkeys

Dusty 45's

$5 Fine

Jukehouse Hounds

Steve Ridler

Michael Pratt Band

Sammy Steel Band




Let me tell you kiddies about the greatest little red nightclub in all of the land! For all of you fools who are doubting my high-rating of The Little Red Hen or "The LRH" as my friends like to call it, you've got to give this place a whirl. It took me four years of visiting Alli D. in Green Lake to finally discover this hidden treasure. Even if you don't have a fondness for over 40 men with tight Wranglers and the occasional Camel Toe, you will come to love seeing them at the hottest Country Bar in Seattle.

Great people work and play at The LRH and if you play your cards right you might even rope yourself a Cowboy (or a laid back Seattle dude who knows where to go for a good time). Reasonable drinks, great dance floor, and even a vending machine for snacks and video games make this place a bountiful garden in the nightclub scene of Seattle.

Belltown can keep Cowgirls Inc., my heart will always belong to The Little Red Hen.


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